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Jane de Graaff

#JoyfulFood advocate | Kitchen Hack Queen | TV Presenter | Food Writer | Public Speaker & MC

Jane de Graaff continues to shape the way Australians perceive and celebrate food. She is a TV presenter, journalist, podcaster and recipe developer specialising in food stories, making good food accessible to everyone and putting the fun back into cooking and eating.

Jane graduated with a degree in Media and Communications and worked in radio prior to becoming a food writer and journalist. She has always loved both storytelling and food, so the day she discovered she could combine the two into the art of telling food stories was the day her world exploded with possibilities. Her work has featured in leading publications including the Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald food and coffee guides, and Cheap Eats. For many years she was senior food writer and contributor to Broadsheet Melbourne and Broadsheet Sydney, reporting on the opening of new cafes and restaurants, as well as interviewing chefs and writing for the first Broadsheet Cookbook.

In 2016, Jane was appointed Food Editor for nine.com.au. She features regularly on TODAY, TODAY Extra and 9News on Channel 9. She also hosted a 52-episode weekly podcast series for 9Honey in 2018 called “What the F is For Dinner?” The podcast featured conversations with some of Australia’s leading food figures, asking that often-dreaded question.

Her passion for sharing food stories has led to MC roles at food events, including the launch of the Channel 9 partnership with the Australian Open in 2018, where she had the opportunity to interview such iconic chefs as Neil Perry live on stage. She has also presented commercial videos and content for clients from GLAD to Chandon, working with specific products to make home cooking easier.

Making food her mission, Jane has dined in some of the world’s best restaurants, to interview the chefs and see what’s on offer. She has joined a wild deer hunt, built biscuit towers, and has reported on all kinds of food events. Extending her repertoire, she is also an annual judge for the Royal Agricultural Society’s Sydney Royal Fine Food awards.

Jane is not a food elitist; rather, she’s a food realist, sharing her joy and love of food. She embraces the idea that all food can be good, no matter how simple.

Jane is still working under Nine, and is the Food Editor of 9Honey Kitchen. As a wife and a mother of two boys, she is continually discovering new ways to nourish her family, while being challenged by the fussy tastebuds of her young ones.

If she had to share one piece of wisdom, it would be: “Life is short, eat the f-ing cake!”

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