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Lifestyle Management

Entrée Lifestyle

Everyone wants a fabulous “lifestyle.” At entrée, we believe those who make that dream possible are the new heroes.

From the health, fitness and nutrition experts who improve our quality of life to the gifted architects, artists, designers and others who give it glamour and comfort, all have unique stories to tell, wisdom to impart and talent to share.

Our entrée talent list has the fresh faces and clear voices you need for media, marketing and branding campaigns. These accomplished individuals are primed to step out into book publishing, TV appearances, workshops and trade events, commissions for private and corporate work, licensing of merchandise and more.

At entrée, we believe in fostering talent and leading newcomers and seasoned professionals alike into the spotlight. Through our parent company, the 25-year industry veteran and market leader CHIC MANAGEMENT, we have strong relationships with major department stores, airlines, hotel groups, homewares distributors and other career-making connections.

In addition, our affiliations with leading talent management agencies worldwide, including our stablemate Chic Talent Management, mean international reach. Some of the great successes of Chic Talent Management in the Lifestyle arena include licensing and publishing deals for Australia’s leading health and fitness guru Michelle Bridges – who recently released her 14th book – and chiropractor-turned wellness expert Dr Tim Robards. Our sibling agency also represents TV presenter, best-selling author and creator of SWIISH.com Sally Obermeder; Living the Healthy Life author Jessica Sepel; and one of Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designers, Darren Palmer.