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About Us

Entrée Chef & Lifestyle Management

Here’s your entrée to an exciting new menu of food and lifestyle talent!

entrée is the newest division of CHIC MANAGEMENT, drawing on the company’s25-year history of supplying top talent to the media, public relations, advertising, publishing and entertainment industries.

entrée represents the new celebrities of our generation: the chefs, artisan producers, educators, authors and experts of food, wine, hospitality and lifestyle. Some are well-known personalities, others are up-and-comers. Each has a powerful and authentic story to tell.

entrée is geared to fill the insatiable need for fresh faces, strong voices and unique selling points in media, advertising and branding. Our talent roster has the people you need for your next campaign, event, collaboration or creative partnership. Let serve you the right people for:

  • TV shows and appearances
  • advertising and marketing campaigns
  • radio, print media and podcasts
  • publishing and writing prospects
  • recipe development for products and brands
  • brand ambassadors
  • product endorsements and social media
  • personal and food demonstration appearances
  • event menu curation and catering
  • public speaking and social engagements
  • corporate team-building events and workshops
  • boardroom celebrity chef lunches/dinners
  • staff education in food, wine, Indigenous culture, health and more
  • consultancies and product development

Please view the entrée talent list under the OUR TALENT tab, where you will find full biographies and downloads of profile kits for each, with links to videos, print media, social media and more. Click here to download a 1-page version of the list for your files. And please visit us regularly to keep up-to-date on Australia’s fastest-growing chefs and lifestyle talent agency.