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About Entrée Chefs & Lifestyle Management

entrée is the newest division of CHIC MANAGEMENT, drawing on the company’s25-year history of supplying top talent to the media, public relations, advertising, publishing and entertainment industries.

entrée represents the new celebrities of our generation: the chefs, artisan producers, educators, authors and experts of food, wine, hospitality and lifestyle. Some are well-known personalities, others are up-and-comers. Each has a powerful and authentic story to tell.

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Entrée Chefs

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Chefs are the new celebrities of our generation. And authenticity is the new buzzword. entrée is geared to fill the insatiable need for fresh faces, strong voices and honest, unique stories in media, advertising and branding.

The entrée talent roster is packed with chefs, artisan producers and food and lifestyle experts who will lend an authentic, genuine edge to your next campaign, event, collaboration or creative partnership. Their expertise ranges from up-and-comers to old hands of the kitchen; from screen newbies to real pros of TV and video; from dab hands at demonstrations to true teachers and raconteurs who will have an audience hanging on their every word.

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Do you want a cookbook deal? Perhaps you yearn for TV fame? Fancy representing a top knife range, sharing your skills in food demonstrations, or even spruiking for your favourite vegetable? You need an agent. Do you want someone who can coordinate offers, juggle your commitments and keep your best interests at heart? You need a manager. But if you want someone who’ll work hard on both counts to make your dreams a reality, you need entrée.

The general public’s interest in chefs and the food scene is insatiable – food pun intended. Where chefs work, what they cook, eat and drink, the equipment they use and even what they wear is intriguing to home cooks, food lovers and fans. Brand managers, marketers, advertisers, event organisers and TV and print media producers, publishers and editors want to leverage that intrigue into dollars and exposure. entrée will present you to those key people.

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entrée Lifestyle

Everyone wants a fabulous “lifestyle.” At entrée, we believe those who make that dream possible are the new heroes.

From the health, fitness and nutrition experts who improve our quality of life to the gifted architects, artists, designers and others who give it glamour and comfort, all have unique stories to tell, wisdom to impart and talent to share.

Our entrée talent list has the fresh faces and clear voices you need for media, marketing and branding campaigns. These accomplished individuals are primed to step out into book publishing, TV appearances, workshops and trade events, commissions for private and corporate work, licensing of merchandise and more.

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