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Sarah ToddChef

Sarah grew up in the small town of Walkerston in Queensland, raised by a single mum. Discovered as a model at 18, the country beauty moved to Sydney under contract to Chic Model Management spending her career travelling the world and working for high-end fashion labels.

Visiting such international food hubs as London and New York, as well as her then-partner’s homeland, India, Sarah began to explore her love for food culture. Based in London, she embarked on a year of full-time study at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school, finishing top of her class.

Sarah was lured back to Australia as a contestant in the 2014 season of Masterchef. Finishing in the top 10, she was catapulted into the food industry. A cookbook – The Healthy Model – published by Penguin, was swiftly followed by a tour of the Subcontinent prompted by her TV profile and personal connection to the region.

A meeting with Indian restaurant entrepreneur Ashish Kapur led to an offer too good to refuse: the chance to open Antares, a 400-seat beach club and restaurant in Goa. Sarah’s remarkable feat of determination and diplomacy was captured in the six-part SBS TV series, My Restaurant in India. Antares is a raging success, and Sarah divides her time between Goa and Melbourne.

Sarah has been represented by Chic affiliate, Scoop Management, for seven years. Now a single mum herself, raising her son, Phoenix, she comes to Entrée Chefs & Lifestyle Management with plans to expand her career into the lifestyle arena and pursue further TV opportunities.

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