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About Entrée Chefs & Lifestyle Management

Entrée is a new talent management service, specialising in the booming fields of food and lifestyle. An affiliate of the internationally renowned Chic Management, Entrée is uniquely positioned to draw on a wealth of proven and time-honed resources. Chic’s stable of 16,000 clients, in addition to its specialist media, marketing, advertising, video production, online content and brand licencing divisions, offers Entrée’s chefs and lifestyle artists opportunities far beyond the limits of their kitchens, studios and shopfronts.

At Entrée, big names and potential “stars” carry equal weight. We aim to identify and develop talent, nurturing a pool of young professionals to fill the insatiable need for new faces and voices in the competitive worlds of media, advertising and branding.

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Entrée Lifestyle

Everyone wants a fabulous “lifestyle.” At Entrée, we believe those who make that dream possible should be recognised. From the health, fitness and nutrition experts who improve our quality of life to the gifted architects, artists, designers and more who give it glamour and comfort, all have the potential to rise to greater heights with the support of Entrée Management.

Entrée can represent and negotiate on behalf of our clients in such areas as book publishing deals, TV appearances, attendance at workshops and trade events, commissions for private and corporate work and licensing of merchandise. Through our parent company, the 25-year industry veteran and market leader Chic Management, we have strong relationships with major department stores, airlines, hotel groups, homewares distributors and other career-making connections.

In addition, our affiliations with leading talent management agencies worldwide, including our stablemate Chic Talent Management, mean international reach. Some of the great successes of Chic Talent Management in the Lifestyle arena include licensing and publishing deals for Australia’s leading health and fitness guru Michelle Bridges – who recently released her 14th book – and chiropractor-turned wellness expert Dr Tim Robards.  They also represent TV presenter, best-selling author and creator of SWIISH.com Sally Obermeder; Living the Healthy Life author Jessica Sepel; and one of Australia’s most renowned and influential interior designers, Darren Palmer.

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Chef Management

Do you want a cookbook deal? Perhaps you yearn for TV fame? Fancy representing a top knife range, sharing your skills in food demonstrations, or even spruiking for your favourite vegetable? You need an agent. Do you want someone who can coordinate offers, juggle your commitments and keep your best interests at heart? You need a manager. But if you want someone who’ll work hard on both counts to make your dreams a reality, you need Entrée.

The general public’s interest in chefs and the food scene is insatiable – food pun intended. Where chefs work, what they cook, eat and drink, the equipment they use and even what they wear is intriguing to home cooks, food lovers and fans. Brand managers, marketers, advertisers, event organisers and TV and print media producers, publishers and editors want to leverage that intrigue into dollars and exposure. Entrée will present you to those key people.

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Our Talent